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The Rise of Home Services with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing for home services

The global market for home services is on the rise, growing by 18.91% each year until 2026. With smart homes becoming more popular and U.S. households spending around $5,000 per year, it’s a booming industry. But how can home service companies make the most of this growth and connect with their audience?

Today, the way we market home services has changed. Now, the focus is on online strategies and digital ads. People look to the internet to find providers. So, it’s vital for businesses to be easily found online.

This piece looks at how digital marketing can help home service businesses grow. It covers using SEO and digital ads for lead generation, more revenue, and a strong brand presence. We’ll explore effective ways to stand out in the competitive home service market.

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital marketing is essential for tapping into the growing market.
  • Targeted online advertising can generate leads and boost revenue.
  • It’s key to optimize websites for search engines and mobiles to reach the audience.
  • Good online reviews and social proof can help win consumer trust.
  • A solid marketing plan designed for home service needs is vital for success.

The Home Services Market is Poised for Growth

The world’s home services market is growing fast. It’s expected to grow by 18.91% every year from 2019 to 2026. Even though COVID-19 hit it hard, it has bounced back. Now, there are many chances for it to grow more. The global smart home market is also booming. It’s forecasted to be worth over $141 billion by 2023. This shows that more and more people are looking for high-tech solutions for their homes.

In the U.S., families are spending about $5,000 each year on home services. This shows how important this market is. People want their homes to be more convenient, comfortable, and well-maintained. So, companies in the home improvement sector need to use smart marketing plans. By doing this and knowing what customers want, they can do well. They can make their mark in this growing market for smart homes.

The Home Services Consumer Journey Often Begins Online

digital marketing for home services

The journey for home services often starts online. This includes looking into moving, pest control, locksmith services, or lawn care. Search engines are used by more than 55% of people before they book anything.

Mobile search trends are increasing. Terms like “HVAC repair” and “landscaping near me” are getting popular. Most folks don’t have a company in mind when they start looking. This is a chance for businesses to attract them.

When people search locally on their phones, they’re usually ready to buy. In fact, 78% of these searches lead to a purchase within a day. This shows how important it is for businesses to be visible in local searches.

Home Services Marketers Invest More in Search and Digital Ads to Acquire Customers

Home services marketers understand the need to invest in search and digital ads for customer acquisition. Today’s market is more competitive than ever. Thus, many businesses are focusing on online strategies to engage their audience better.

Some keywords for home services on Google Ads can cost over $40 for a single click. This shows how tough the market is. Plus, the cost for getting a lead can go over $100. Marketers must be wise with their campaigns to get the best return on investment.

Digital marketing statisctics

For 62% of home service companies, getting new clients is hard. Many of them are shifting towards digital marketing. They are using search engines, social media, and industry websites more to find customers.

Now, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Nextdoor are key for home service ads. They help marketers target the right people. Plus, they allow for direct interaction and feedback from the audience.

Being mobile-friendly is crucial for home services on the web. More than half of service seekers look up providers on their phones. Making sure websites and ads work well on mobiles can attract more customers.

In such a competitive industry, investing in search and digital ads is a must. It helps home services stand out and find more customers. With the right digital strategies and mobile optimization, these businesses can reach their audience effectively. This leads to better visibility and more customer acquisition.

Home Services Consumers Read Reviews Before Making a Purchase

Reviews are crucial for those looking into home services. Studies say 86% check reviews for local businesses, finding them valuable. This underlines how vital managing online reviews is for home service companies.

Before trusting a business, consumers often look at 10 online reviews. These comments reveal the service’s quality, how reliable they are, and how satisfied customers are. For home services, keeping a good online image helps bring in new customers and keep the current ones.

Boost Business: How to Improve Google Reviews

If a business rates 4 stars or better, it might make 32% more money. Good reviews show others the company can be trusted. An outstanding reputation makes a big difference. But if a company gets bad reviews, it can turn people away.

Home service marketers should focus on places like Google My Business, HomeAdvisor, and Angi. These are good for showing and responding to customer reviews. They also help deal with complaints well.

Having a strong plan for dealing with reviews is key. It helps home service providers keep their online image positive. Engaging with customers’ feedback can make businesses look great. It’s one way to beat the competition in a tough market.


Digital marketing is key for home service businesses to boost their leads and profits. They need to know who their audience is and create a solid marketing scheme. This helps them tune up their website for search engines and use social proof. They should also put money into Google Ads and make the most of social media.

With these steps, home service companies can snag more potential clients online. They’ll stand out from the crowd and become the go-to experts for top-notch home services.

By using the right digital marketing, these companies will reach their people more effectively. They’ll show up more online, pulling in more leads and cash flow. In a growing digital market, turning to digital marketing is a must for lasting success.


What is digital marketing for home services?

Digital marketing for home services uses online ways to promote services. It uses SEO, SEM, social media, content marketing, and ads.

How can digital marketing benefit home service businesses?

It helps them be seen more online, get good leads, and make more money. They can reach their audience better, make their brand known, and interact online.

What are some effective digital marketing strategies for home services?

Good strategies include making a website search engine friendly, showing happy customer reviews, using Google Ads, being active on social media, and having a plan for the audience.

How important is search engine optimization (SEO) for home service companies?

SEO is very important for these companies. It makes them show up more in search results. This means more people find them, see their brand, and become potential customers.

How can online reviews impact home service businesses?

Reviews help customers decide. Good reviews make a company trustworthy. But bad reviews can turn customers away. Managing reviews well keeps a business’s online image positive.

What is the importance of a comprehensive marketing plan for home service businesses?

A detailed marketing strategy is key for home service firms. It guides them to focus on their market, spend wisely, and hit their goals. This strategy defines their strengths, knows their audience, and sets a clear marketing path.

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